Thursday, May 19, 2011

the planting has begun ...

  one more day and the rain can return (it's going to anyway -- per the weather Gods)

dad worked up and marked the rows for me .... smelled like fresh dirt too!  this entire stretch is now planted into WATERMELONS !! 13 varieties (ya, I know I was going to plant less) ... took 2 hours and I was done -- beautiful night to be in the garden.

the apple trees are blooming and they smell almost as good as the fresh dirt, it was kind of dark when I snapped 21 of these and all 21 turned out pretty good -- i was looking for new pix's for cards .

jean, nick (hiding behind his mother) and jake came down to check out the morel mushroom possibilities ... they (the morels) have been plentiful again this year.  the hunt is much more fun than the cleaning, frying and eating them.

Back to the patch this afternoon -- Mrs. H will be covering the office and I'll be planting I can work all weekend when the rains return.  I wanted the seeds in the ground and after a warm rain they should pop!

So, off to the bottle of pain killers and a check in at the office!

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Shay said...

Looking forward to a full watermelon patch!