Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rain, rain, rain

  So I actually watched the morning news (with both eyes open) and what the hell --- 5 more days of rain.  No wonder the river is rising and the meridian is filling up with water. 

  Commissioner Meeting yesterday -- gotta love a TV camera pointed at me for an hour.  I was a well dressed diva too!  I did find the story on the local TV website -- for all the bright lights it was a short blurb. 

  Worked late got home and walked out to the patch.  Nothing up yet -- too cold.  Been a week -- no warmth forecasted either. 

  Followed the elders down the road this morning -- they're northbound with the camper -- quite the process to get 'em rolling -- they'll be back tomorrow (someone has a birthday tomorrow).  There were two deer along the driveway watching the caravan pass by -- I'm sure they were thinking -- "they're gone -- lets eat away" .... varmits. 

   The legend of the bull snake is getting larger and more colorful.  If that damn thing crosses by path it will be dead. 


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Shay said...

Is all this rain typical for your part of the world at this time of year?

And what is the legend of the bull snake?