Thursday, May 26, 2011

the sun, the Sun, THE SUN

 is shining !!!!  holy cow it's been so long I forgot what it looked like (well sorta) .....

 So we had double the amount of snow, so far almost double the amount of rain and it's COLD too.  And could someone explain all the tornado's ... the Minneapolis one brings back to many memories of 3/29/98 -- I wouldn't bless that experience on anyone, ever.  If it happens here again.  I'm gone.

 I can't wait for August it'll be 110 in the shade for the entire month!  So the furnace/air conditioning dude is coming for a fluff and buff on the units today. 

 I have yet to see or experience the famous snake.  Dad met up with it will mushroom (morrel) hunting in the neighbors pasture along the driveway.  The same day the mailman saw it and took a picture of it -- at the neighbors mailbox.  So if it was large enough that Mr. Mailman thought he needed a picture of it -- it's damn big.   Yes, it is harmless but ..... a 6' bull snake is not nice.  I won't be mushroom hunting down there.  Although the season is pretty much done.


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Shay said...

I hear you Diva. Having come face to face with a few snakes in my time it's an experience I could do without in the future.

August isnt that far way ....