Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday's Wisdom

  So wisdom of the week was "shop no more" ... well that lasted 7 days.  I ended up at my least favorite destination last night -- Wal Mart.  I need to have pictures printed and well, the chosing, printing, editing etc works pretty well there.  The bad thing -- waiting for an hour -- I manged to fill a cart in the wait time and $145 later -- I bought ....
     bottled water
     instant "fru fru" coffee
     instant "fru fru"  iced coffee
     crystal light
     liter bottles of lemonaide (for $.50)
     denim capri pants
     picture frames
     bulletin boards
     salad dressing (s)
     tv dinners
     paperback books
     quilting magazine
     gardening hat
     gardening t shirt
               plus $26 worth of prints, regular sized and some enlargements....

    I dashed over to Shopko for some nice (r) looking T shirts for summer, I over purged last week.  Well, Shopko had cheep crap.  So on to Herbergers -- oh ya, here we go ....   the jacket I drooled over was 1/2 off -- my lime green leather purse was gone, the sandels I waffled over 3 weeks ago -- gone.  Finally got home and got the car unloaded.

   It was sewing room day yesterday.  Back pieced for the filmstrip quilt and the back for the filmstrip quilt is ready to iron and they can then be shipped out for quilting -- backs for two baby quilts basted and I'll quilt this week -- old sewing machine and supplies moved to 3rd Street. and this morning I re-started stripping on the honeybun/jellyroll quilt. 

  It's been a busy weekend so wonder I'm tired on Monday mornings!


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Shay said...

Yes but shopping is so much fun!

I didnt see any fabric in that list?

Hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing.