Thursday, June 30, 2011


   i have an awful case of the "i don't want to ..... "  I have absolutely no ambition.  must be the heat - saps us of all our resolve and politeness.  dang i got 'em bad ... off for an ice cream sandwich (don't tell the calorie police) a shower and a book  -- not sure which order yet! 

   my feet hurt (new shoes and I got a blister) my head hurts -- to much politics and budget hearings -- and well -- processed air conditioning just isn't my thing.

   I hearby ban the WHINING !!!  off to better / more productive things!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

please tell me it's Wednesday ....

   So it's been 48 hours since I last saw the patch.  Went for a stroll this morning.  5:30 am me and a critter.  Might have been a cat -- to far away and to blind.  The soil is hard -- pounding rains will do that - the weeds are growing --- the transplants of the weekend are perking up ... no if the 100' forecasted for tomorrow doesn't happen  .... 

    Another day of the endless meetings.  Budget hearings -- the excitement is overwhelming (NOT).  Still waiting on our elected state officials to get off their collective rear ends and get something done.  48 hours until the big state shut down -- and believe me, nothing productive will get done.  before, during or after.

  I quickly reported my CPE units -- it's safe to assume the "Board of Accountancy" is non essential and will not be working.  I've been getting the various emails and most of the websites to which various reports are filed will also be "down".  Oh it's good to be us.

  Enough of the whining -- off to the shower -- and .... the coffee ....can you smell the aroma .... I can (he he he).


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Monday ....

 the BATIK is DONE ...  now if the kid would get his eagle scout project done ... 

Sunday at the Scrap Shack was extremely productive ... !!!!

saturday finds ....

   so because I was in the "big" city and dumping at the thrift shop I .... needed some fabric ...

Hancock had a sale (they are remodeling -- what's up with remodeling every store I went to  was topsy turvy) .. 18 yards in 3 hunks for $40 ... quilt backs and extras ...

this one is a Hoffmann .... nice feel to it ...

another Hoffmann with ZINNAs on it ..

I did so well at Hancock's ... I went to River City Quilts to check 'em out ... and picked up another Java charm pack and some yardage (and managed to include the receipt with the picture) ... so 4 yards and a charm were more expensive than 18 yards of backs....

the purpose of the trip was to dump stuff at the thrift shop -- including my used, but in great shape treadmill -- I was at 3, yes 3 different thrift shops and NONE of them would take the damn thing.  so if you or anyone you know needs a BASIC non motorized treadmill with no gadgets .... call me I'll deliver.  it'll be in front of the office on Monday with a FREE sign on it.  

this, mind you, is after I struggled to get it up the stairs, out the door and into the back of my car ...... in addition to the fabulous fabric -- I hit up Sam's Club for kitty litter and groceries and HyVee for more groceries ... so the return trip had groceries and cat litter piled on top of a treadmill.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

many pictures ahead ....

from the north looking south ... oh so sad

from the south looking north  -- even sadder

dying watermelon ...

the clematis like the cool wet weather ...

first yellow coneflower of the season

last peony of the season -- i picked her she's on my home desk and smells wonderful

more clematis

the mushrooms growing in the yard .... it's the year of the mushroom ... who knew....

rain / mold / yuck

  okay -- my melon plants are flopping over and dying -- so I've talked myself into somekind of root rot / damping off / fungus issue.  if they were dying from my weed killing adventures they should have died sooner ... although I know I got a couple of 'em.

  so yesterday, I got 3 more flats from the Greenhouse (thanks greenhouse!) and they've been transplanted -- on Thursday night I did 2 flats and well, I may go down and get some more (they have a lot and they aren't selling).  it's too wet to hoe or till ...

  after the planting binge I did laundry and hung it out to dry.  it rained.  the sun came out at 8:30 last night and I woke up to fog and it's raining again. 

  so this means it must be time to SEW !!!  and READ  ...  !!!!


Friday, June 24, 2011

holy shit (crap) !!!

the sun is shining .... it was busting thru the clouds last night at 8:30 so I took a stroll thru the patch ... it's a sad looking patch ....

this weekends project list !

a.  laundry (there are piles of it)
b.  porch
c.  garages (still need to be swept)

a.  replant with transplants
b.  hoe (if possible)
c.  till (if I can persuade someone to put the tiller on fergie)
d.  plant more pots
e.  mow at the office

Sewing Room:
a.  finish binding the batik (a re-occuring item)
b.  backs for the brick & the honeybun/jellyroll project
c.  call Amy -- if done pick up the quilted
          (this means a road trip and some antiques too!!)
d. decide on the next project
          (the Kaffee Fasset's are speaking to me)

a.  I might have to work all day today ... I have lists there also ...
b.  next week is a busy Commissioner week so .....

a.  Thrift shop drop off (more!)
b.  Groceries
c.  Mulch (need lots)
d.  Olive Garden (need food)

Happy Sunshine !!!!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011


     it's still raining.  no this is not normal.  and oh, it was 53' this morning heading to 63', and normal is 83' ... good grief it will be November before I see a watermelon. 

    actually they won't bloom without some warmth.

    more time to sew (and work) and play.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wackyness (part 15)

   So, it's still raining ...."RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD...." ... it is good to be us.  Things are getting mooshy around the edges and well are starting to drown.  The river is continuing to rise --mainly from the rainfall west of here ... (they've had more) ...

   I planted a flat of watermelons from the Greenhouse last night -- fill ins for the plants that a) the cutworms ate, b) a deer stomped on, c) Dad tilled out or d) I sprayed with weed kill.   Will plant some more tonight -- rain permitting.

   Since I seem to have all of this free time from gardening you would think I would be getting a lot more done at the sewing machine.  No -- but my libary book is good!


Monday, June 20, 2011

weather dude

   At supper last night the weather dude said we could receive up to THREE additional inches of rain between now and Wednesday.  So I dashed to town and quickly mowed the lawn -- otherwise I'd have to find some sheep (and fast).

   Frankly, it could start raining somewhere else.  It's a bit mooshy around the edges.  The river is rising (remember September) and I need to GARDEN.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ta Da !!!

    A new day brings new perspective! 

I ripped only two blocks -- way to much drama on Friday night.  So this morning while laundry was washing I was sewing -- 2 loads done and so was this top!

It's bigger than I thought too.  Probably should read the entire pattern first eh!

For the first two pictures I was standing a top the picnic table which has water on it from the recent deluge -- damn it just doesn't quit raining here.

Here is the link to the Moda BakeShop Blog with the pattern Strawberry Fields Brick Quilt. Note I used a PURE layer cake and my own version solid charm packs. I really didn't mix or match or organize any of the colors just grabbed and sewed -- got lucky ... I think I'm going to repeat this pattern with whatever I find in my scrap bins .... and maybe just solids for the charms .... options, options, options.

and since I was on top of the picnic table -- good shot of a perenial bed -- although a bit fuzzy.

Happy Father's Day to all.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In ....

   So, life is a bit calmer and I finally have time to sew and well, I'm pooped and it didn't go well .....

Last Saturday at "Stitch & Bitch" I pieced my blocks ... and all week long I was sewing strips .... the pattern is from the Moda Bake Shop (from eon's ago -- I print and save) ... it's a layer cake sliced in half and two charm packs ... I was cheep and used solids from my stash instead of the charm packs (that would be prudent and frugal?) ... my layer cake is a PURE ... love it.

trying to line 'em and and mix 'em up ... a lotta  sameness happening here

ready to iron ( i kept hoping for the ironing fairy to arrive -- she must have lost my address again)

played with the thread gizmo .. really liking it and my Connecting Threads thread of all the other gizmos I've bought I can't believe I waited 20 years to buy this one. (see prudent & frugal above)

finally pressed and two sections sewed together -- no because I was an idiot i need to rip and re-sew none of the rest line up .... ugh. so on a lighter note ...

rush hour here in St. P starts at 3:30 on Friday's -- so I see this on my drive home -- granny and the kids rolling a tire across the main drag at 3:45 -- odd, really odd.  I've never rolled a tire in yellow pants and a white top -- and well ..... all in a day of my goofy world.

So check out the rest of the Friday Night Sew In participants ... click   ...HERE HERE HERE
Enjoy it's always a great show !!!

Handmade by Heidi

Friday, June 17, 2011


His Royal Higness basking in the sun (on the copier) has had a busy week .... 2 mice --- I always love when he leaves me treats.  Not sure where or why but they've arrived .....

So the weekend project list:
1.  More weed control
        I sprayed quite a bit last night -- but the wind picked up.  In between showers I hope to finish.
2.  Hoe (yes this too is weed control)
3.  Plant the hosta's around the house.
4.  Sweep out the garages.
5.  Keep purging files from the office basement. (kind of theraputic)
6.  Finish piecing "Pure" project.  It's coming together nicely.
7.  Food Shelf Volunteer at Noon.
8.  Road Trip -- got to go, just got to go somewhere.
9.  Three new library books.

It's the LIST -- if I work hard and fast it can all be finished tonight!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


  it's a beautiful morning ...

  lots to do hope the weather holds.   In between meetings last night, I dashed home for supper (is there anything better than a turkey/provolone sandwich) and checked out the patch.  Dad tilled it for me on Monday and I hadn't been back there.  It's gorgeous -- and will look even better after another round of hoeing and a lot of spraying. 

  it always amazes me how fast things perk up / grow / green up after a rain.  I think we had 2 1/2 inches .. a lot -- there is some standing water out there. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

projects! done!

raffle baby quilt #1 -- made from a charm pack I won as a "Friday Night Sew In" participant with some stash fabris adding to the width --- bound with "whatever's in the scrap box that matches".

raffle baby quilt #1 -- from 2 lollipop charm packs and snow & brown solids, binding is some orange I had in the stash -- really don't like the orange now that I see it in a picture ....

The Nicollet County Cancer Society's RELAY FOR LIFE is Friday night and these are being donated for their silent auction.  It's a fun night -- a great way to celebrate, honor and remember. 

My parking lot is rapidly filling up -- the bank up the street is celebrating agriculture and the employees lost their parking -- so Jean, Emily and Holly are parking over here and hoofing it up the street (in the rain).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hello, ms. wren

while shopping at Drummers on Saturday -- a bird was chirping amid the hostas ... there is an egg in there somewhere -- my cell phone doesn't take nice pictures like the minolta's do .... then I had to figure out how to email the picture to self  (i'm not a texter) ... and so this is the $1 email text of bird nest in hosta ....

no I did not purchase this hosta -- but I bought the one next to it!

Monday, June 13, 2011


  don't ya just love june ....

  when the sun shines, it shines for HOURS ..... at 5:15am it's cracking daylight and by 9:30 ... it's just barely dark!  

  I think June will replace October as my favorite month! 


( mid November to mid January is the least favorite --- all that darkness!!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

all play and no work weekend

  well, no work at work weekend.  not a lot of productivity but it was okay by me.  it was too wet to hoe and it dried out only to rain again.  so tomorrow I'll be hoeing and spraying.

so the weekend done list:

1. chopped up the boxes at the office and off to the recycling trash (and some to the food shelf)
2. plant shopped (in my pink dotted flannel pants and a red Menards sweatshirt)
      ( I forgot to mention the Harley Davidson hat -- it was a sight.)
3. baked hotdish for the super stampers supper at the scrap shack
4. pieced blocks for throw at the scrap shack on Saturday Night -- 5 hours of sewing, eating and
        a lotta laughter .... and I've got 2/5ths of the rows pieced ... more to come
5. finally got to Menards ....
      bug dust was on sale (bought all they had)
      roundup was on sale
      1/2 oak whiskey barrel for under the downspout
      more plants ....
6. spent a few moments at Drummers Garden Center .... nice plants
7. Joanne Fabric's was calling ...
       a new (large) mat for my cutting table (50% off)
       scrapbooking paper (that's the end of the paper purchasing)
  And I made it to Miss Becky's graduation party ...

and the laundry is done, the floors are vac'd, the dishwasher has been run --- time for a shower and the TV be calling it's ICE ROAD TRUCKER'S night on History Channel.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

random (ness)

Mrs. P -- this one is for you .... wrinkled and dirty -- straight from the laundry pile.... working on a new design for this year --- a new store moved into the neighborhood -- custom screen printing and embroidery ...

So I don't remember taking this shot -- evidently the camera is self shooting again (no wonder the batteries are dead all the time) ... anyhow -- the house from the light pole ...

It's my day of rest and play -- slept late -- might even clean a bit today -- too wet to how, but need to dust ...

happy saturday --

Thursday, June 9, 2011

projects and lists.....

This weeks done list includes ...
     hoeing all of the patch ... very hill, hoed and weeded
     rug washing ... of the office rugs have been washed and dried
     file room re-do  1/2 done on this one more to go
     payroll taxes and sales taxes (part of my wacky life)
     being the guest speaker at Rotary --- talking up the  Farmers Market !!!
     three commissioner meetings
     an almost clean desk !
To do yet ....
     re-plant the empty / open hills in the patch ...
         cutworms/critters/poor germination (who knows)
     vacuum out the car -- got the salesman looking for a different one
         (i really don't like it)
     binding -- keep sewing
     laundry -- the rest of it has piled up
     finish the file room conversion (1/2 hour will do wonders)

Fun stuff ....
     need a Mankato run for mulch and on sale perenials
     need to meet up with the new baby -- he's a month old already
     my library book is calling !!!!
     Saturday Night at the Scrap Shack -- time for a new project !!

So have a "list free" evening!!!


ps.  I mowed lawn in my "watermelon diva" t shirt -- one of the bar patrons burst out laughing .... I smiled and said "thank you!" ..... it's never dull in St. Peter's entertainment district.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


so I've experienced 104' with 45mph wind gusts.  we now know what a blast furnace feels like.  lots of tree branches down -- crap scattered all over the place -- the acreage seemed to be holding it's own, the poor little seedlings in the melon patch had the wind whipped look .... (now we know what that feels like) ...

good night to sew -- so instead of sewing I watched a re-run of Project Runway ....

 and oh, the elders called twice from the lake (where it is 63' and raining) ... they can't seem to make their TV work -- a re-occurring issue (technology challenged elders) ... all these conversations while power was flaking on and off ... on and off ... and they were worried about TV.... ugh.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   so last week the mechanical furnaces were running

and today

holy crap it 's hot !!!!

makes things grow !!!!

and makes things wilt !!!!

keep the ice and water handy --  peeps and animals need to stay hydrated ...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Planting !!

  Well, it was CRP planting day on Daisy Ln.  Lots of chit chat and well, whining but it's DONE.  The next round (if there is a next round) will be contracted out ....

so here he's dashing around with Fergie and the seeder ....

all planted and he's dragging it to cover the seed (grasses and flowers) -- when you live on the sand prairie it's always dusty.   Okay, this drag was laying in the weeds near the irrigation well and he had to cut trees out of it to use it (we haven't farmed for 9 years)  he added air to the tires and took off ....

kinda fuzzy with my new "little" camera ...

the seeder borrowed from the DNR --- mounted on "fergie"

the dust trail at the top center is him dragging away ... the melon patch is in the foreground, sweetcorn between the patch and the CRP (the hillside is the CRP) ... the blue spot is the unused irrigation well.  The motor gets plastic'd up for winter -- I think he may even fire it up and pump a little water today.

So, 11.2 acres got planted -- 200 lbs of native grasses and 35 lbs of native wildflowers -- 25 year program ... hopefully we get a gentle rain to settle the dust and help 'em sprout faster .... no the weeding, spot spraying and mowing begins.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

  So, it's been the week of meetings, seminars, on the road, windy weather --- lonely cat ..... and well, one more meeting and back to my

very own messy desk and a somewhat normal routine -- it seems the new normal is a lot of "sit in the chair and listen" well I don't sit well and there seems to be a bit of babbling.  So, this afternoon after the final meeting I'm planting my tush in my chair and getting down to business! 

Even this dude is missing me (this is an old shot) but he gets a bit testy now and again. 

Mrs P is hosting FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY  so check out the rest of the favorites!

Happy Friday !!!!

yesterday's excitement -- our local Guard Contingent -- "the Red Bulls" had a mini (not well publicized) send off on their journey to Afganistan ... they were escorted thru town with police/fire/sheriff's vehicles .... so here's Cousin Ed steering the back of RC's old fire truck !!! (thanks to Julee for posting pictures on her Facebook page this is one of hers)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

today's message

oh God, thank you it's Thursday afternoon. 

   Where does the time go.  The faster I go the faster I fall behind. 

           The good news things are sprouting up faster and faster.