Sunday, June 12, 2011

all play and no work weekend

  well, no work at work weekend.  not a lot of productivity but it was okay by me.  it was too wet to hoe and it dried out only to rain again.  so tomorrow I'll be hoeing and spraying.

so the weekend done list:

1. chopped up the boxes at the office and off to the recycling trash (and some to the food shelf)
2. plant shopped (in my pink dotted flannel pants and a red Menards sweatshirt)
      ( I forgot to mention the Harley Davidson hat -- it was a sight.)
3. baked hotdish for the super stampers supper at the scrap shack
4. pieced blocks for throw at the scrap shack on Saturday Night -- 5 hours of sewing, eating and
        a lotta laughter .... and I've got 2/5ths of the rows pieced ... more to come
5. finally got to Menards ....
      bug dust was on sale (bought all they had)
      roundup was on sale
      1/2 oak whiskey barrel for under the downspout
      more plants ....
6. spent a few moments at Drummers Garden Center .... nice plants
7. Joanne Fabric's was calling ...
       a new (large) mat for my cutting table (50% off)
       scrapbooking paper (that's the end of the paper purchasing)
  And I made it to Miss Becky's graduation party ...

and the laundry is done, the floors are vac'd, the dishwasher has been run --- time for a shower and the TV be calling it's ICE ROAD TRUCKER'S night on History Channel.


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Shay said...

I watched ice road truckers once (Oh and I keep meaning to tell you we have that Pickers show starting here next excited!)

Another busy weekend for you but it sounds like at least some fun was had (although buying bug dust isnt my idea of fun !)

Exactly how much paper do you have?