Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In ....

   So, life is a bit calmer and I finally have time to sew and well, I'm pooped and it didn't go well .....

Last Saturday at "Stitch & Bitch" I pieced my blocks ... and all week long I was sewing strips .... the pattern is from the Moda Bake Shop (from eon's ago -- I print and save) ... it's a layer cake sliced in half and two charm packs ... I was cheep and used solids from my stash instead of the charm packs (that would be prudent and frugal?) ... my layer cake is a PURE ... love it.

trying to line 'em and and mix 'em up ... a lotta  sameness happening here

ready to iron ( i kept hoping for the ironing fairy to arrive -- she must have lost my address again)

played with the thread gizmo .. really liking it and my Connecting Threads thread of all the other gizmos I've bought I can't believe I waited 20 years to buy this one. (see prudent & frugal above)

finally pressed and two sections sewed together -- no because I was an idiot i need to rip and re-sew none of the rest line up .... ugh. so on a lighter note ...

rush hour here in St. P starts at 3:30 on Friday's -- so I see this on my drive home -- granny and the kids rolling a tire across the main drag at 3:45 -- odd, really odd.  I've never rolled a tire in yellow pants and a white top -- and well ..... all in a day of my goofy world.

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Enjoy it's always a great show !!!

Handmade by Heidi


Rhonda said...

Uuug, I hate it when I have to rip... not fun... but your project is coming along and tomorrow things will work out... at least that's how it happen for me... LOL
This is my first FNSI, so I was very happy to get something accomplished.
Take care.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Your quilt top is looking really great! As busy as you are, you still got quite a LOT accomplished :)
It looks like it was a great FNSI!

Shay said...

Unsewing is my least favourite part of sewing. I think it was worh the effort - your quilt top is looking good!

Glad you had a productive FNSI (I meant to do it but fell asleep on the lounge instead!)