Friday, June 24, 2011

holy shit (crap) !!!

the sun is shining .... it was busting thru the clouds last night at 8:30 so I took a stroll thru the patch ... it's a sad looking patch ....

this weekends project list !

a.  laundry (there are piles of it)
b.  porch
c.  garages (still need to be swept)

a.  replant with transplants
b.  hoe (if possible)
c.  till (if I can persuade someone to put the tiller on fergie)
d.  plant more pots
e.  mow at the office

Sewing Room:
a.  finish binding the batik (a re-occuring item)
b.  backs for the brick & the honeybun/jellyroll project
c.  call Amy -- if done pick up the quilted
          (this means a road trip and some antiques too!!)
d. decide on the next project
          (the Kaffee Fasset's are speaking to me)

a.  I might have to work all day today ... I have lists there also ...
b.  next week is a busy Commissioner week so .....

a.  Thrift shop drop off (more!)
b.  Groceries
c.  Mulch (need lots)
d.  Olive Garden (need food)

Happy Sunshine !!!!!


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