Wednesday, June 29, 2011

please tell me it's Wednesday ....

   So it's been 48 hours since I last saw the patch.  Went for a stroll this morning.  5:30 am me and a critter.  Might have been a cat -- to far away and to blind.  The soil is hard -- pounding rains will do that - the weeds are growing --- the transplants of the weekend are perking up ... no if the 100' forecasted for tomorrow doesn't happen  .... 

    Another day of the endless meetings.  Budget hearings -- the excitement is overwhelming (NOT).  Still waiting on our elected state officials to get off their collective rear ends and get something done.  48 hours until the big state shut down -- and believe me, nothing productive will get done.  before, during or after.

  I quickly reported my CPE units -- it's safe to assume the "Board of Accountancy" is non essential and will not be working.  I've been getting the various emails and most of the websites to which various reports are filed will also be "down".  Oh it's good to be us.

  Enough of the whining -- off to the shower -- and .... the coffee ....can you smell the aroma .... I can (he he he).


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Shay said...

But on the upside you get a long weekend right?

Im expecting blogland to be very quiet this weekend because you'll all be away and celebrating.

Here's hoping you have tons of craftiness planned for your weekend. (And barbecue - that's gotta be mandatory!)