Thursday, June 9, 2011

projects and lists.....

This weeks done list includes ...
     hoeing all of the patch ... very hill, hoed and weeded
     rug washing ... of the office rugs have been washed and dried
     file room re-do  1/2 done on this one more to go
     payroll taxes and sales taxes (part of my wacky life)
     being the guest speaker at Rotary --- talking up the  Farmers Market !!!
     three commissioner meetings
     an almost clean desk !
To do yet ....
     re-plant the empty / open hills in the patch ...
         cutworms/critters/poor germination (who knows)
     vacuum out the car -- got the salesman looking for a different one
         (i really don't like it)
     binding -- keep sewing
     laundry -- the rest of it has piled up
     finish the file room conversion (1/2 hour will do wonders)

Fun stuff ....
     need a Mankato run for mulch and on sale perenials
     need to meet up with the new baby -- he's a month old already
     my library book is calling !!!!
     Saturday Night at the Scrap Shack -- time for a new project !!

So have a "list free" evening!!!


ps.  I mowed lawn in my "watermelon diva" t shirt -- one of the bar patrons burst out laughing .... I smiled and said "thank you!" ..... it's never dull in St. Peter's entertainment district.

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Shay said...

I'd like to see a picture of that Tshirt...

I hope you get to that library book!