Friday, June 17, 2011


His Royal Higness basking in the sun (on the copier) has had a busy week .... 2 mice --- I always love when he leaves me treats.  Not sure where or why but they've arrived .....

So the weekend project list:
1.  More weed control
        I sprayed quite a bit last night -- but the wind picked up.  In between showers I hope to finish.
2.  Hoe (yes this too is weed control)
3.  Plant the hosta's around the house.
4.  Sweep out the garages.
5.  Keep purging files from the office basement. (kind of theraputic)
6.  Finish piecing "Pure" project.  It's coming together nicely.
7.  Food Shelf Volunteer at Noon.
8.  Road Trip -- got to go, just got to go somewhere.
9.  Three new library books.

It's the LIST -- if I work hard and fast it can all be finished tonight!

Happy Weekend.


Shay said...

I love making lists and working my way through them.There's something so satisfying about crossing off chores and things you want to get done. And there's nothing better than finishing a list off and sitting down guilt free to do something like sewing!

Lisa said...

I too love to make a list and cross everything off. Nothing like tossing a piece of paper that has everything crossed off! Your list seems to accomplish way more than I try to do on mine though . . . hahaha I better get on that right away!