Thursday, June 30, 2011


   i have an awful case of the "i don't want to ..... "  I have absolutely no ambition.  must be the heat - saps us of all our resolve and politeness.  dang i got 'em bad ... off for an ice cream sandwich (don't tell the calorie police) a shower and a book  -- not sure which order yet! 

   my feet hurt (new shoes and I got a blister) my head hurts -- to much politics and budget hearings -- and well -- processed air conditioning just isn't my thing.

   I hearby ban the WHINING !!!  off to better / more productive things!


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Shay said...

Nothing worse than a case of the "I dont wannas"...but ithappens to all of us from time to time. I havent touched a scrap of sewing since last week sometime so maybe Im suffering from this malaise too!