Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wackyness (part 15)

   So, it's still raining ...."RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD...." ... it is good to be us.  Things are getting mooshy around the edges and well are starting to drown.  The river is continuing to rise --mainly from the rainfall west of here ... (they've had more) ...

   I planted a flat of watermelons from the Greenhouse last night -- fill ins for the plants that a) the cutworms ate, b) a deer stomped on, c) Dad tilled out or d) I sprayed with weed kill.   Will plant some more tonight -- rain permitting.

   Since I seem to have all of this free time from gardening you would think I would be getting a lot more done at the sewing machine.  No -- but my libary book is good!


1 comment:

Shay said...

Is all the wet from melting snow? You do seem to have a lot of wet round your area one way or another.

Is there any sun at the moment. I need to hear about warm climates and people having fun in Tshirts because it's not happening here !