Friday, July 8, 2011

ahhh Friday ....

   Well, the gnats are still with us.  And it's calm, so, bugs or no bugs I've been spraying weeds in the patch.  Yes, I use chemicals. 

    I sprayed Wednesday night.  Thursday morning -- at 5:15am a helicopter was spraying the "just about to tassle" sweet corn for bugs and after he left I went out and sprayed too.  Gnats still bad.

    Last night, I worked at the office later than normal, mowed the lawn (after hauling gasoline in my car) ... went home and donned the spraying attire ... worn out pink dotted flannel pants -- old shirt soaked in bug spray and a bath towel pinned to my hat -- also soaked in bug spray.  This "outfit" seems to keep the bites to a minimum. 

   The pumpkins and squash are blooming ... the watermelons are vining ... they need to vine a whole lot more ... I'm guessing I'm a month behind last year -- that will make for a really busy September -- thinking about opening a "watemelon" store in the garage ...

Happy Friday


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