Sunday, July 17, 2011

.... hotter than Miami ....

  'tis good to be us.

   It's 9:00pm and it's still 91' and the humidity is at 75%, I can't calculate the dew point but I'm guessing it's record breaking.  4 more days .... it could be worse, it could be -40 with a 50mph wind.  2011 has been the weather year from hell.  One extreme to another .. and yes, I think we are in another flood warning.  

   I planted 18 pepper plants and 18 more cabbages this morning.  They immediately went into shock.  Need to do a lotta weeding but frankly, I can't.  I don't do heat well.

here's was my day ...

6:00 - 7:30 -- gardening 
8:00 - 12:30 -- office .. yes, the office
home for lunch
nap & movie
   which included 4 loads of laundry
work at home (dial into office computers)
supper & chores
dessert at Lee & Jean's (and then it had banana in it) ... she told me after I tasted it ....
trimmed up quilts -- got 'em ready to bind

ready for bed -- cause it starts all over again tomorrow

daylilies from the office -- I counted 9 different colors in the bouquet I picked today ....

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