Tuesday, July 12, 2011

projects (done !)

   well I didn't finish any of the projects.  Dad did.  The melon patch has been tilled and well, it looks pretty good -- especially where my weeding happened.  He also fenced off part of the little garden.  The rabbits ate his eggplants again.  well, they don't eat them.  the varmits pull 'em up and watch 'em die.  varmit is the word of the day. 
    I've been noticing coyote poop in the melon patch and I was told "it's your imagination" -- well, today he found large coyote tracks in his newly spread gravel -- barn cats are also disappearing (that's good and bad) .. -- he did manage to shoot a woodchuck this afternoon --

   I on the other hand -- sat thru 5 hours of Nicollet County Government ... dealing with issues related to the State of Mn shutdown (more flipping varmits) -- then back to work after supper for the regular projects.

   Kathy delivered my quilts from the quilter -- one is fabulous and one is okay.  evidently she has some tension issues on the stripped one ... at any rate time for binding.