Monday, July 18, 2011

so, what do ya do when it's

crappy weather  ...

In the last 72 hours I've completed more projects at the office than I have in the last month.  A month ago I put up a table to keep the projects off the floor.  If I keep at it tonight -- I'll be able to take 'er down. 

Still hot, still unbearable, more to come, lots more. 

I think the garden is out there -- haven't seen it for 24 hours.  I was sweating on my ATV ride to the Gansen's for dessert last night.  It's pretty darn stupid to sweat while zipping along at 20mph on an open vehicle.

Dessert was good -- too bad she used banana pudding ... not my favorite. 

Keep cool peeps - it's really ugly out there ... water, shade, water, more shade.

I've also declared it shorts and t shirt week -- give up the long pants for a week ... 

remember this is a mere 6 months away!!!!

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