Friday, July 22, 2011

T. G. I. F & back on the road

  This farm girl really doesn't like life in the big City.  The Wednesday trek was about at my limit -- I probably would have stayed home if it was just I on the trek, but I had carpooling buddies!  The journey home involved 100'  and 110' dew points and a whole lotta idiots on the road.

  Yesterday, I was mere passenger and it was lovely!  It is nice to be picked up and dropped off at my door.  And the weather was nice.  I did manage to chop down some grass last night -- chop being the key phase.  Quack grass was plugging up the mower.  Will need to "re-mow" today to help it along.  But first

  Back on the road this morning.   only 30 miles.  there may be a quilt shop involved.  since I'm going right past it!

bambi is our newest resident -- she's been hanging out around the yard -- literally -- I shared the goofy pix's on facebook.  On my tour of the patch -- I was yelling at her and I got the "who me" look.  She shouldn't learn to enjoy the taste of squash or watermelon for a couple of months.  Ha, I'll lose that battle.

Happy Friday

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Shay said...

I know Bambi is probably a pest to you but I think it would be thrilling see a wild deer. At my place we get snake type visitors and while exciting they're not nearly so cute!