Sunday, July 31, 2011

this week on the Watermelon Farm

   been a quiet week here on the prairie.  hot, hot and hotter.  it makes stuff grow so I can't complain.  however, I am a bit tired of the hum/whine/clank of the air conditioning units.  it is so humid today that it's an instant sweat. 

   Jean and I did a mankato run yesterday -- evidently my taste in fabric is good, $134.00 at Joanne's after the 20% discount seemed like a lot for one managable bag.  herberger's had deals -- got a pair of capri's for $7 ... lovely until I got home and the tag on the inside was not the same as the tag on the outside.  menards was fun -- she's buying for the scrap shack -- will add her blog to the favorite reading list. 

  I went back to Mankato this morning -- after all it's $3.75 per gallon of gas and what's a couple more gallons.. swapped the capri's ... hit up shopko .... and finally the grocery store since I was there ... the bigger grocery stores have everything and well ... I needed stuff -- especially the take out Chinese!  dang good stuff.

  I sewed clothing last night -- fits like a sausage casing will be on the lookout for a smaller body to fit it.  Still stitching down the bindings on the quilted quilts -- one done, one 1/2 done.  making backs for two more.  and .....

   shopping for frame and long arm quilting set up .....  ebay has lots of options ... just need to take the leap!


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Shay said...

Sounds like a pretty busy weekend Diva. I like all the shopping tales. I managed to spend $115 on the weekend and came out with the tiniest bag...quite shocking really.