Monday, July 11, 2011

W I N D !!!

it's hard to see -- but the corn is listing at a 45' angle --- it blew and blew for 25 minutes and in the end ... everything is leaning

same spot -- different shot thru the windshield ...

not good, not good at all

the melon patch on the other hand survived well ... the vines close to the ground and small didn't get whipped around too much .. I spent several hours hand weeding and hoeing yesterday .. will turn vines again tonight and till in the morning and I'll keep on weeding ....

jean, lee and nick have a big old silver maple tree down -- snapped off about 5' up ... the trunk appeared to be a bit hollow or cheesy ... so, at least it didn't land on anything important!

might even make the market on Saturday -- cukes/greenbeans/cut flowers  .... time will tell. 

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