Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday ... aaahhh middle of the week..

so, it appears that Nick, the cat, is hungry ... must need to learn about the "red eye" feature on the camera ... he was sitting nicely next to his dish ... the howling followed

I stole this from Nick's (the kid) facebook page.   The clean up of the blown over tree began last night ...  

He's pretty far off the ground here -- big tree big mess.  But it did not land on anything important. 

Enemy #1 -- somedays I really hate this thing .. even with the ringer turned down it irritates me.  I just get into a project and  ringggg, ringgggg, ring and when line #1 is ringing -- the law of fate will make line #2 ring. ...double the irritation. 

Happy Hump Day ... it's all downhill from now!!!!

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Shay said...

That's one HUGE tree...hope you can use it for firewood or something useful.

I hear you on the phone thing. Mine rings constantly at work ...thankfully I have wonderful admin staff who answer phones and take pity on me!