Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Warriors ...

   well not really.  The Friday Night Sew In was so productive I started up again on Saturday.  First step was to clean.  Dang that space gets cluttered and messy fast.  Then I went to work ... I'm supposed to be using stuff up ... this project really didn't use up very much .. but it was fun.  I'm still hand sewing the binding down on #1 ... almost done. 

  as the day progressed ... post supper it was 2 hours of turning vines in the melon patch so the tractor/tiller could go thru in the morning.  and it rained and cooled off. 

   back out early this morning to finishing turning and tractor man did his job, until his tractor pooped out.  transmission -- sounds expensive.  so ...  I moved on to my new hosta bed (no pictures yet) potted up the ornamental kale (used the hosta pots) and washed the ATV (everyone needs a monthly bath).  so, I'm thinking the Sunday Night Sew In is next!

  Monday's coming and the teenager will be 17 ... holy smokes those years flew by quick eh!

waiting for the President's motorcade to pass by -- it was a really big deal... in 2004 (?)

to this Spring (note the feet are bigger!)

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Shay said...

Very cute cushion Diva. I may just have to make one.

Ive noticed the same phenomenon happening in my sewing room. I cant possibly make that much mess so someone else must be doing it!

Happy Birthday Nick . Hope your day is fantastic.