Monday, July 4, 2011

Working Holiday (s)

ever notice the red trend at this joint ... bessie (in need of a really good cleaning)

dad came home early from his fishing trip and it was too wet to mow ... so tilling away ...

while turning vines I discovered bugs -- so I turned and dusted all of the squash, pumpkins and the canteloupe

birds eye view from the fence line

I even tried a movie with my digital camera (sorry this is a repeat of facebook) and I'm guessing this will eat up the batteries quickly ....

and while cleaning up and getting the bug dust off of me.  my lip started swelling bad -- bug bite so it was a dash to the office and then to the store for drugs.  benadryl and ice and it went down eventually -- evidently I hadn't sprayed my lips with bug spray -- I have been swelling up a lot around the "bite" areas ... so long sleeves and pants for this Diva ... and spray up the lips ...

Happy 4th of July 

(from 2009)

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