Tuesday, August 30, 2011

blessed diva ... (fortunate diva)

a client shared 4 fabulous TWINS tickets with me .... hoping for a fabulous fall day and some good baseball -- I haven't seen Target Field -- so I was tickled pink when they offered them to me !!!

it's been dripping all day long -- not a lot or rain but a drip ... soaking in and doing good!

more fabulous zinnas -- I really really like my zinnas -- amid the gnawing by the wildlife the zinnas always make me smile.

the squash/pumpkin end looking south -- kinda sad looking .....


Shay said...

Have fun at the baseball. Baseball is one sport Aussies don't know much about. It's not played in the major leagues here.

Those zinnias of yours look amazing.

gz said...

Love the raindrops on the melon

Barb H said...

Great gift! Enjoy the game--Go Twins!