Thursday, August 25, 2011

checklist ....

Getting ready ....

__ x ___  gas in truck
__ x ___  tables, props, chair, tent (in truck)
__ x ___  change box and change  (lots of 1's)
__ x ___  attitude

__x ___   WATERMELONS!!!!

Yep, I picked one last night -- plugged 'er in the patch and it's mighty damn tasty !!  I think it's a "Sugar Baby" .. small, round, dark and sweet red flesh ..... 

Lost one of my fabulous "cat food bag" scarecrows in the wind yesterday --- the "bag" probably landed over in Washington Terrace (fancy name for a bunch of houses built in a gravel pit) ... so ... it could have been worse.

So tonight is start picking -- apples, cukes, green beans, huge zuchini (they kinda got out of control) ... tomorrow night is the Watermelon !!!   It's going to be slim this week -- I'm guessing in two weeks they'll all be ripe at the same time.

Yahoo !!!! 


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Shay said...

The Watermelon Diva is officially back. Good Luck!