Friday, August 26, 2011


   Anyone else notice the days are getting shorter -- daybreak is after 6:30am....and well sunset is 8:15ish ... I need more hours of light.  Makes me grumpy (grumpier?).

   Well it is Friday and since I seem to cram 7 days of work into Fri Sat & Sun -- I should have rested up yesterday -- and I kind of did .... I didn't chase any varmits -- I went to Oshawa and had fun with the scrapping/stamping Divas.  I ate (and drank) they created! 

   So meetings this morning, office over lunch and PICKING this afternoon.  This weeks pickings will be watermelons, cukes, apples, green beans and zinnas!  I have to attempt to set up the canopy too ... should be an entertaining event.


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