Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

  So, T G I F.  and it's a good thing this week.  Next week will even be better.  Nick, the cat, and I have been battling all morning so he's not on my list of favorites today.

  But the good news -- IT RAINED!

okay, these are from the previous rainy day 4 weeks ago -- ya, 4 weeks without rain was 3 weeks to long.  per the weather dude our extreme weather will continue thru fall.  record snowfalls, record cool spring, extreme heat/humidity and now no rain. 

I did the rain dance out here last night ..... because even though watermelons like hot & dry weather, my sandy soil needs water !

so  CLICK ON THIS LINK and check out the rest of the Favorite Things Friday --- many thanks to Mrs. P for hosting !



petra said...

It finally rained here too. I love summer rains, and running in the rain. Stopping in to see everyone's FTF posts. :-)

Janice said...

We went months without rain and now are getting it most days. The tomatoes are blowing up due to all the water they are getting. But we can't complain, the water table was so low. I too love rainy days. Perfect quilting weather.

Shay said...

Whoooo Hooooooo for the rain! I hope that means you'll get a bumper watermelon crop.

I dont mind summer showers. It's so hot here in Summer that when we get them it's such a relief.

Marg said...

Glad you finally had some rain. After our torrential rain and massive floods at the beginning of the year we are now having a very dry year and really haven't had much rain for weeks and weeks. Our wet season doesn't start until late November.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Glad you got the rain you needed...summer rain is such a relief when it comes...we just had a wee bit toooo much here last year. Hope you get lots of lovely plump watermelons too.

Helsie said...

Oh, send some of that rain here. Early in the year we had floods but nothing since so it is very dry.
Don't you love the smell as the dust settles?

Mistea said...

Hope your dancing worked a treat and the rain came in just the right quantities.
Rain is always fun.