Friday, August 5, 2011

Highlights of the week.

So, pretty dang dull .....

     The big news -- fergie, the tractor, has returned home with a new transmission.  I'm sure much discussion to follow.  Mom and I delivered elder #1 to JUDSON, Mn to drive 'er home last night.  Takes 90 minutes by tractor and 35 minutes by auto.   So fergie and elder #1 are currently mowing off the CRP before the crab/quack/foxtail goes to seed. 

     Judson Minnesota has a population of 4 maybe 5.  Implement dealer, church and 3 (?) houses. 

     The damn deer have just about wiped out the entire melon crop.  It's starting to piss me off.  They don't even run anymore when I walk out there -- I'm hoping the sweetcorn gets harvested this weekend and they will have other things to nibble on ... as dry as it is on the prairie I would have thought they (deer) would be heading to water closer to the river .. there are no rational thoughts left anymore. 

     It's a bit frustrating.  So it goes.  They make me grumpy!

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Barb H said...

I agree. Heat and munching deer would make anyone grumpy! BTW, that's a nice picture of you. ;0) Just kidding.