Friday, August 19, 2011

T G I F & Favorite Things Friday ....

  I'm not sure why I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I really haven't "worked" much this week -- between the endless meetings, lots of chatter and well, the prep work for the colonoscopy.  I just haven't accomplished a whole lot.  So ....

  I have declared Sunday --- "Sit on your tush and do nothing but read, nap and eat all day".   The last time I tried this particular event it lasted less than 2 hours.... time will tell.  In the meantime ... I have a list ....

1.  Friday Night Sew In ... just gotta sew tonight.
     a.  press and finish back for "brick project"
     b.  finish quilting table runner & bind
     c.  clean that sewing space

2.  Walk that garden and shoot at them deer. 

3.  Clean out the car --- the black interior is a dirt magnet.

4.   Mow at office and weed one flower bed (they are bad)

5.   Start packing up my office for the great "painting event"
         (skylar this means get ready to paint)

Thats enough for one weekend!



Chris said...

Good luck on that list! I love the turkeys on your blog banner - and may I say, "God's country, Minnesota" is redundant? :)

Shay said...

The idea of "Sit on your tush and do nothing but read, nap and eat all day" is my favourite from your weekend list!

I hope you get to do exactly that.

gz said...

ANY car interior is a dirt magnet!!!