Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend warrior ....

   So, remember the list .... the "sit on your tush and do nothing" never happened.

   I awoke to 17 deer at the apple trees Sunday morning.  I was not a happy gardener.  It was a call to action.  So I broke down and used chemicals.  On my trek to Mankato, I found "Liquid Fence" at Tractor Supply -- and at Drummer's -- "Deer Repellent" ...

   I applied the "Deer Repellent" -- 4 gallons worth -- $38 of concentrate mixed up to 4 gallons.  The jury is still out on it's effectiveness.  It reeks and that is what supposedly repels the deer.  Per the instructions it is safe for the plants and the mature fruit and veggies -- not to self -- all must be washed well.  It is made up of garlic, red pepper flakes, eggs and oil. 

   I also purchased 3 salt licks at Tractor Supply -- and spread them far from the patch. 

   I drove out there this morning on the commute -- didn't see any new munching -- but hard to tell in the fog and from the vehicle. 


   So most of my day was spent in the patch, on the ATV, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  I never did get my NAP ... or sew ..... odd.


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Shay said...

Sounds like you've finally had enough. 17 deer is kind of beyond the pale . I can understand why you went for the chemicals!

Hopefully that will do the trick.

What a bummer you didnt get your nap!