Friday, September 30, 2011

so while counting my

   blessings I ended up with the flu.  no wonder I was crabby.   I tried to go to work -- twice -- morning was for an hour and afternoon was 2 hours. 

    ugh -- but I'm ready for market -- the show must go on. 


Thursday, September 29, 2011


 I need to be reminded how fortunate I am.  Getting hung up on the little details in life really isn't worth sweating over.  It really doesn't matter that the deer and crows ate my produce -- it would have been nice if they had left a small token of appreciation -- like eating at the neighbors instead. 

I took this picture on my way to work on Wednesday -- the fog makes for some memorable mornings.  It's hard to believe we have the morning fog when it has been so dry.  the 55 mph wind gusts were a bit much today -- I trekked to the library at lunch and got bombed by flying walnuts and acorns -- it was odd.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

in goes the towel

  I give up.  The flippin deer win.  It looks like a stampede of longhorn cattle tromped thru out there.  I just drove out there to check on it (it's dark) ... 9 deer all eating. 

  A skunk ran into the shed where the "patch" truck is stored.


  the end

  I will however get even.  eventually.  I never forget my enemies. 

holy crap ...

   I finally got myself, the auto and the neverending list to Sam's Club last night.  $258.00 in just under an hour .... and the wonderful shopping included.

   1.  toilet paper (enough for a year)
   2.  paper towels (see #1)
   3.  kleenex/tissues (see #1)
   4.  trash bags (see #1)
   5.  large and small legal pads
   6.  a paperback book
   7.  martha stewart magazine
   8.  two large bags of trail mix (yummy stuff)
   9.  coffee to brew
 10.  sugar free vanilla syrup (for iced coffee) 2 of 'em
 11.  brown sugar
 12.  large bag of almonds
 12.  paper plates/napkins/cups for girls night out
 13.  lemonaide mix for girls night out
 14.  fresh strawberries
 15.  150 lbs of kitty litter
 16.  Halloween candy (to distribute not to eat)
 17.  cheddar cheese sticks
 18.  spinach/artichoke dip (2 containers)

then we (mom & I) proceeded on to the grocery store.  there wasn't a whole lotta room left in the vehicle.  but I managed to

   1.  6 boxes of iced coffee mix
   2.  more coffee to brew
   3.  fru fru coffee mix
   4.  instant oatmeal
   5.  people magazine (need to know about the sinful & stupid)
I'm still unloading and distributing ....

I had hoped to drop off 2 bags of clothes at the thrift store -- but alas they were closed.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

ahh ... another day in paradise ...

so, I moved to my office neighborhood to sell on Sunday ... it's a busy corner and it worked out much better than I expected. 

the red roof is my old shack ...

first sewing project in 4 weeks a "mini" quilt -- well,quilt top -- it is 18 1/2 inches square so not very large a whole lotta little pieces ... it is made from a charm pack -- "terrain" by Kate Spain ....

I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so --- here's the second one ... it's a bit colorful.  Will back it and quilt it tomorrow ...

day two

picked, packed and loaded for Day Two.

I have new varmits -- flippin crows are pecking holes in the remaining melons.  I swear Mother Nature is turning me into a ranting maniac ....

  first the fungus wipes out 1/2 the plants .... it rains and it's cold
  then it gets to 100' for 3 weeks ...
  then the deer start to graze .... and the battle begins
  it freezes 3 weeks early
  now the flippin crows...

I picked yesterday, hopefully sell today, pick and pack all week long and see what's left by next weekend --

    Since I cannot control Mother Nature.  I sat down at the sewing machine last night.  She misses me!  2 months ago I started out working on a goal of making every quilt/wall hanging/table topper in a book about charm quilts -- well # 1 is in the works.


sorry didn't realize this was fuzzy until I uploaded it ... the sumac is turning quite quickly

wild grapes -- birds are happy

the seed pods of a button weed -- getting ready to self seed and spread more weeds!

lots of grapes ... must have been a good year -- evidently deer and crows don't like them

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the overloaded market truck

yes, I drove 2 miles with the green truck loaded in this messy fashion

it all unloaded to look like this -- note 2 bushels of squash were still in the truck

lots of goodness ---

more goodness -- squash -- food of the Gods.

and my poor selection of pumpkins -- although I sold 1/2 of them....

all but 6 melons sold and I shared with friends & family ... 1/2 of the squash sold ... apples sold all in all it was a pretty good day at the market.

beautiful weather -- good company .... good lunch.


Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm ready ....

   picked, packed & loaded.  According to my Dad, the truck and I look like the "Okies headed down the road for California."   Since I'm not old enought to remember the 1930's and the dustbowl days ... I'll assume he's correct.  There is stuff piled on top of stuff. 

50 Watermelons
5 bushel of squash
3 tubs of pumpkins
3 pecks of Apples
   (I broke the apple picker so I quit picking)

I need a bigger truck.  I had the internal debate about dragging out the trailer and well I lost the debate.  Lazyness is not a virtue during harvest.  I am lazy.  Tired is a better description.  Burning too many candles at once.  See I'm tired and quips just roll off my fingertips. 

At any rate I'm ready for morning.  Toss on the clothes, brust the teeth and roll.  Who cares what the hair looks like just roll with it. 


  sorry more baseball pictures ....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

it is so cool ....

   that would be Target Field .... we had a blast ....

the downtown skyline adds to the charm ...

in between innings they have a "fan camera" and it picks up peeps in the stands -- it's a riot to watch on the "jumbotron"

yep, that's downtown Minneapolis in the skyline ...

twins dugout -- that's Mr. Gardenhire on the right  ...  ( in blue/not so young/not so thin)

the three crafty divas ... not the attire -- dressed for the occasion ...

TC, the bear, was firing things out of a cannon into the stands.... not sure what they were but it looked like fun.

Can't wait to go back  ... nice place, fairly easy commute -- love exiting of the interstate into the parking ramp and exiting the parking ramp right onto the interstate .... kinda cool.   the commute home was slowed down by traffic -- an incident occurred and shut down the road ... always nasty.

and the TWINS ended their 11 game losing streak by winning in the bottom of the 9th inning!

Cheers ! Diva

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the excitement is building

   the scraping/stamping/crafty divas and I are on a mini road trip to the TWINS game tomorrow --- yes, they've reached the milestone of losing 10 games in a row ... but none of us crafty divas have seen the new stadium yet .. and well I can't wait !!!

  it's a day game so we can work before we leave and some of us (me) will return to work after the commute home ... if the game is speedy we might beat the rush hour traffic !!! 

  it is good to be us!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sad sad looking patch

45 mph wind gusts keep the scarecrows rattling !

such a dead looking patch

sun beams

ugh - the sun beams were over the patch -- this pix is almost the same as the header pix ...

i've decided i really don't like the week after frost, it's kinda depressing to see all the hard work turn brown overnight .... and then it's flippin dark until 7:00 am and gets dark at 7:00pm .... need the 5:00am lightness back .... so since the weather (and darkness) prohibit outdoor work -- I'm hemming the trousers ... time for long pants and turtlenecks is fast approaching (double ugh)

Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend in the City ....

 well, not really, but kinda ....

  I joined the super stampers at Scrapfest at the Mall of America !! It was chaotic -- we had tickets to scrapbook at Archivers from 6:30 to 12:30am ... so we worked, we ate, we laughed and we got educated.

jean digging in her "toolbox" of stuff

becky picking thru pictures (note the food on the lower right -- popcorn drenched in almond bark)

jan starting out Sunday morning with the diet COKE!

we witnessed a fight in the parking ramp -- we moved pretty damn fast to get out of there quickly ... ugh

I shopped my way up there ... gotta love the Lands End outlet store -- and shopped my way home -- but bought very little.

Beautiful day today -- I started picking squash -- the deer seem to enjoy anything orange, tan or white so I picked the carnivals, the butternuts, the tennessee sweet potato's and my knucklehead pumpkins.  picked all of the available pumpkins.  I spent $42 on pumpkin seed for jack-o-lantern pumpkins and got 6 -- spendy devils eh!  My little trailer is full, the atv is full and I've got some in the truck.  Acorns and buttercups tomorrow and maybe a watermelon or two.  I probably have 2 more Saturdays at Market left -- not like the old days .... when I made it thru Halloween .... one year we were still selling squash in November ... we must have been crazy.

Happy Week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

well ....

   the green (and dirty) truck is loaded with ...

         65 watermelons
           3 bushel of various squash
           4  -- 1/2 bushels of apples
           3 pumpkins (pathetic)
           1 canopy & related stuff
           3 tables (and tablecloths)
           1 lawn chair
           1 garbage pail
           1 cash box (kinda important)
           1 library book
           1 crochet work

   so the verdict is in ...

        the melons have no leaves but the vines look pretty good -- it will be a challenge to keep the deer out of them so I think 10 days max ...

         carnivals are the only variety of squash I'll have with any quantity -- the rest are immature and nibbled on by the deer ...

         6 regular pumpkins ( $42 for seed ) so that calculates to $ 7 a pumpkin -- the rest were immature and nibbled on by deer (noticing the trend) ... I really didn't plant many --- 18 hills at max ... so .....

         so ... gonna have to let it play out and see what happens .... it could be worse --- it could have SNOWED !!!!

Marie (insert smiley face) ....

ps.  the house is 250 - 300 feet away from the patch with a windbreak between the two -- nothing froze at the house ....but the damn deer are nibbling in the yard !!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

warning X Rated pictures ahead ....

dad covered his tomatos ... the foliage was already gone ... it's a used awning he got from the "boat cover" man ... again free recycling ....

sad looking watermelons -- the leaves are shot but the vines are still good ... no damage to the melons ...

ditto for the squash ....

pumpkins don't like it cold.....

well, they'll be easy to find ... hopefully my antlered and hooved enemies will stay away for a couple of days -- bow and arrow hunting season has begun --- GO ADAM !!!!  so they'll be hopping in the shelter of the woods..... doesn't town look close -- it's really almost a 1/2 mile away ...

so, the games continue ... market on Saturday and I'll be playing it day by day ....

a picture tells a 1,000 words ... (it sucks to be me) ....

at 5:30am it was clear and 35' .. but it's always coldest just before dawn --- at 6:30 there was ground fog and I had hopes but .... I drove out there at 7:00 and it was frost and foggy ....

where o where are my automatic headlights?

sad pumpkins and zinnas

time will tell but I don't think it's good

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


See the picture on my "header" the green-ness.   By this time tomorrow it will all be brown.  FROST warnings are out.  My stuff can handle 33 -34' but 28' will be the killer. 

I've decided I'll have more time to read, sew, quilt, crochet -- scrapbook, sleep, eat, cook, laundry .... just to name a few. 

Hoping for the best but expect the worst !!  Full moon will make it worse -- light winds and clear skies.... UGH UGH UGH.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

animal attractions

it's been a good year of butterfly chasing -- Sunday night in the zinna patch ... lots more pictures -- unfortunately there is bad news.....

FROST is in the forecast  I realize all good things must come to an end but another 3 weeks of ripening time would have made me much nicer. 

SHIT Happens eh !

yep, it is mine...

Monday, September 12, 2011

holy shit -- it's already monday

I can't seem to get life in order and dang the weekends seem to fly past at record speed.  Friday was hot - and I picked for market in stages -- with a rest/water break/nap break ... amazing how much can get done after dark!

Market was great -- I sold out (adds to the greatness) got to see lots of new customers and fun customers -- Mrs. Green Tea's husband really really looks like his Dad!  I had a lovely two hour nap after market and then never got back in a groove (probably a good thing).

I came to work yesterday .... ya, working on weekends already -- Lori left the office a clean, tidy and wonderful smelling building!  After working, Mom and I took an ATV cruise -- 5 miles is a lot of miles when we never left our & the neighbors acreage ... we explored a lot of corners.  Found 5 black walnut trees that are starting to drop their nuts.... will be investigating further.

The boys had a great morning goose hunting -- pictures are on Nick's FB page.  I walked last night -- kicked out a GINSENG hunter -- what the hell ---

One would think between the goose, ginseng and occasional deer (bow season is opening) ... that the flipping deer would not find the patch attractive ... WRONG -- the battle continues.

Happy Monday!


ps.  it's pick up the WHEELS day ... pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

yep, it's September ...

pinecones and walnuts are starting to drop ....

flowering kale is getting colorful

pumpkins are turning orange (the humpy bumpy ones are "knuckleheads"

watermelons are tasty

hard to believe but it's 90' today -- to hot to work in the garden ... so I went to work at the office for a couple of hours -- deadlines approaching  ... always a deadline ....

Happy September