Sunday, September 25, 2011

day two

picked, packed and loaded for Day Two.

I have new varmits -- flippin crows are pecking holes in the remaining melons.  I swear Mother Nature is turning me into a ranting maniac ....

  first the fungus wipes out 1/2 the plants .... it rains and it's cold
  then it gets to 100' for 3 weeks ...
  then the deer start to graze .... and the battle begins
  it freezes 3 weeks early
  now the flippin crows...

I picked yesterday, hopefully sell today, pick and pack all week long and see what's left by next weekend --

    Since I cannot control Mother Nature.  I sat down at the sewing machine last night.  She misses me!  2 months ago I started out working on a goal of making every quilt/wall hanging/table topper in a book about charm quilts -- well # 1 is in the works.


sorry didn't realize this was fuzzy until I uploaded it ... the sumac is turning quite quickly

wild grapes -- birds are happy

the seed pods of a button weed -- getting ready to self seed and spread more weeds!

lots of grapes ... must have been a good year -- evidently deer and crows don't like them

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