Tuesday, September 27, 2011

holy crap ...

   I finally got myself, the auto and the neverending list to Sam's Club last night.  $258.00 in just under an hour .... and the wonderful shopping included.

   1.  toilet paper (enough for a year)
   2.  paper towels (see #1)
   3.  kleenex/tissues (see #1)
   4.  trash bags (see #1)
   5.  large and small legal pads
   6.  a paperback book
   7.  martha stewart magazine
   8.  two large bags of trail mix (yummy stuff)
   9.  coffee to brew
 10.  sugar free vanilla syrup (for iced coffee) 2 of 'em
 11.  brown sugar
 12.  large bag of almonds
 12.  paper plates/napkins/cups for girls night out
 13.  lemonaide mix for girls night out
 14.  fresh strawberries
 15.  150 lbs of kitty litter
 16.  Halloween candy (to distribute not to eat)
 17.  cheddar cheese sticks
 18.  spinach/artichoke dip (2 containers)

then we (mom & I) proceeded on to the grocery store.  there wasn't a whole lotta room left in the vehicle.  but I managed to

   1.  6 boxes of iced coffee mix
   2.  more coffee to brew
   3.  fru fru coffee mix
   4.  instant oatmeal
   5.  people magazine (need to know about the sinful & stupid)
I'm still unloading and distributing ....

I had hoped to drop off 2 bags of clothes at the thrift store -- but alas they were closed.


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Shay said...

That's about what I spend every fortnight for two of us...

I see Halloween candy is appearing in Aussie stores too which is interesting since we don't traditionally celebrate it!