Monday, September 12, 2011

holy shit -- it's already monday

I can't seem to get life in order and dang the weekends seem to fly past at record speed.  Friday was hot - and I picked for market in stages -- with a rest/water break/nap break ... amazing how much can get done after dark!

Market was great -- I sold out (adds to the greatness) got to see lots of new customers and fun customers -- Mrs. Green Tea's husband really really looks like his Dad!  I had a lovely two hour nap after market and then never got back in a groove (probably a good thing).

I came to work yesterday .... ya, working on weekends already -- Lori left the office a clean, tidy and wonderful smelling building!  After working, Mom and I took an ATV cruise -- 5 miles is a lot of miles when we never left our & the neighbors acreage ... we explored a lot of corners.  Found 5 black walnut trees that are starting to drop their nuts.... will be investigating further.

The boys had a great morning goose hunting -- pictures are on Nick's FB page.  I walked last night -- kicked out a GINSENG hunter -- what the hell ---

One would think between the goose, ginseng and occasional deer (bow season is opening) ... that the flipping deer would not find the patch attractive ... WRONG -- the battle continues.

Happy Monday!


ps.  it's pick up the WHEELS day ... pictures tomorrow!

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Shay said...

I want to know why two weekend days go faster than two week days?

Glad the market was a rip roaring success. I guess you get to do it all again next weekend too!