Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm ready ....

   picked, packed & loaded.  According to my Dad, the truck and I look like the "Okies headed down the road for California."   Since I'm not old enought to remember the 1930's and the dustbowl days ... I'll assume he's correct.  There is stuff piled on top of stuff. 

50 Watermelons
5 bushel of squash
3 tubs of pumpkins
3 pecks of Apples
   (I broke the apple picker so I quit picking)

I need a bigger truck.  I had the internal debate about dragging out the trailer and well I lost the debate.  Lazyness is not a virtue during harvest.  I am lazy.  Tired is a better description.  Burning too many candles at once.  See I'm tired and quips just roll off my fingertips. 

At any rate I'm ready for morning.  Toss on the clothes, brust the teeth and roll.  Who cares what the hair looks like just roll with it. 


  sorry more baseball pictures ....

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