Monday, September 5, 2011

newest obsession ..

the fuzzzy version of my basket of far it's all been less than $2 a skein? if that's what you call the prepacked globs of yarn

2 scarves ready to trim and finish up!

my spiffy "on the go basket" -- it's really an insulated lunch bag -- but it was cheep and I liked the print!

okay I'm finding that a little time spent with a crochet hook and some yarn is really relaxing.  the Quist girls said they could teach me to knit.  (they are my market neighbors) .. time will tell ...

so in the "big" garden today I sprayed the outside rows, all of the pumkins and squash for deer ... 4 gallons and $28 later -- hopefully it slows 'em down ... actually with all the shooting going on -- they have slowed down .. lots of drama over the birds --

so far the holiday weekend has been a workfest -- picked for market, farmers market, cleaned in basement, cleaned upstairs, worked at office -- did a boatload of payroll, cleaned at office, came home and gardened, went back to the office and worked some more -- mowed the lawn at the office -- emptied all the trash --- worked some more ... sprayed some more ... I'm TIRED .... oh and there was 8 loads of laundry over two of the three days.....
enough of the whining -- thanks for listening!

Happy Back To Work !!!!!

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Barb H said...

O. M. G. I guess you take "Labor Day" literally.