Saturday, September 24, 2011

the overloaded market truck

yes, I drove 2 miles with the green truck loaded in this messy fashion

it all unloaded to look like this -- note 2 bushels of squash were still in the truck

lots of goodness ---

more goodness -- squash -- food of the Gods.

and my poor selection of pumpkins -- although I sold 1/2 of them....

all but 6 melons sold and I shared with friends & family ... 1/2 of the squash sold ... apples sold all in all it was a pretty good day at the market.

beautiful weather -- good company .... good lunch.



Barb H said...

All your produce looks simply beautiful. I'm glad you had a good market day. Will there be any more this year or not?

gz said...

A good profitable day!

Shay said...

It looks pretty and it sounds like the day was a success. Congratulations!