Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sad sad looking patch

45 mph wind gusts keep the scarecrows rattling !

such a dead looking patch

sun beams

ugh - the sun beams were over the patch -- this pix is almost the same as the header pix ...

i've decided i really don't like the week after frost, it's kinda depressing to see all the hard work turn brown overnight .... and then it's flippin dark until 7:00 am and gets dark at 7:00pm .... need the 5:00am lightness back .... so since the weather (and darkness) prohibit outdoor work -- I'm hemming the trousers ... time for long pants and turtlenecks is fast approaching (double ugh)

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gz said...

makes you understand why the Celtic year ends on 31 October and New Year is 1st November!

Now we start the planning for next season