Thursday, September 29, 2011


 I need to be reminded how fortunate I am.  Getting hung up on the little details in life really isn't worth sweating over.  It really doesn't matter that the deer and crows ate my produce -- it would have been nice if they had left a small token of appreciation -- like eating at the neighbors instead. 

I took this picture on my way to work on Wednesday -- the fog makes for some memorable mornings.  It's hard to believe we have the morning fog when it has been so dry.  the 55 mph wind gusts were a bit much today -- I trekked to the library at lunch and got bombed by flying walnuts and acorns -- it was odd.


gz said...

lovely picture.
I tried to take a photo in the fog yesterday morning...forgot to turn the autofocus off and ther camera couldn't decide where to focus and sulked!

Shay said...

Love that picture. The fog makes it look like it was a crisp cool morning which means Fall has arrived your way.