Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend in the City ....

 well, not really, but kinda ....

  I joined the super stampers at Scrapfest at the Mall of America !! It was chaotic -- we had tickets to scrapbook at Archivers from 6:30 to 12:30am ... so we worked, we ate, we laughed and we got educated.

jean digging in her "toolbox" of stuff

becky picking thru pictures (note the food on the lower right -- popcorn drenched in almond bark)

jan starting out Sunday morning with the diet COKE!

we witnessed a fight in the parking ramp -- we moved pretty damn fast to get out of there quickly ... ugh

I shopped my way up there ... gotta love the Lands End outlet store -- and shopped my way home -- but bought very little.

Beautiful day today -- I started picking squash -- the deer seem to enjoy anything orange, tan or white so I picked the carnivals, the butternuts, the tennessee sweet potato's and my knucklehead pumpkins.  picked all of the available pumpkins.  I spent $42 on pumpkin seed for jack-o-lantern pumpkins and got 6 -- spendy devils eh!  My little trailer is full, the atv is full and I've got some in the truck.  Acorns and buttercups tomorrow and maybe a watermelon or two.  I probably have 2 more Saturdays at Market left -- not like the old days .... when I made it thru Halloween .... one year we were still selling squash in November ... we must have been crazy.

Happy Week!

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Shay said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend Diva full of relaxing times and a lot of fun!

Sorry to hear you haven't had a bumper crop this year...