Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ....

  it's all about the orange  ...

farmers market from 2 years ago -- the year I actually made $$

it was the year of the pumpkin -- same year

lots of pumpkins

I'm at the office so the picture selection was limited.

Happy Halloween !!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

fun run ....

   yep this old gardener walked the St. Peter Halloween Fun Run this morning.  I actually jogged in a a couple of spots .... (the downhill spots). 

   1,412 of us participated ... then off for beverages and lunch! 

waiting for the starting gun to go off... kinda of a crowded mess

I was trying to get a picture of cousin Jan ... she's the witch with the pink hat and striped leggings behind the dude with the stroller that cut her off ...

okay this woman had a black cat suit on with sparkling pink undergarments over the top and a pink fuzzy coat ... way over the top ....

fun.  i'll probably do it next year too!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ...

 It's Friday and time for Favorite Things Friday --- Mrs. P suggested we chose our favorite technology tool ... sometimes I have too much technology in my world.  And yes, I'm drooling over her i pad -- in fact it's a good thing she lives in another hemisphere -- we'd be stealing it!

My favorite technology is " MOTHER NATURE" ... because I cannot control her! 

In my world the new year generally starts out WHITE !!!  and cold and frosty and cold....
spring arrives and everything turns green and lush

summer color -- lots of summer color

and lots of fall color

more fall color - after frost we lose bugs, allergies and well it's just plain nice!  this fall was the exception it was "flippin gorgeous"

and eventually we're back to winter color (no it has not snowed yet -- this was November 13, 2010 ... but it lasted until mid April 2011-- kinda awful when I think about it!

So head over and check out the FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY at Mrs. P's ... it's a hoot!

Happy Friday !!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

road trip

   to the always lovely FAIRMONT, MINNESOTA !! ... it was dark when I left and just cracking light when I arrived.  I was not able to appreciate the scenery on the commute down there but on the way home ....

   they have barns painted with QUILT blocks.  Way too cool.   I counted 10 on Hwy 15 ... I was reading a Fairmont Chamber brochere and they have a whole tour of "barn quilts."  So, I'll have to plan another road trip.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

holy crap, Tuesday .... did I really accomplish anything on Monday? 

no, nada, zip, nothing ....

Monday, October 24, 2011

oh, good grief, it's Monday !!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the day of rest

   was yesterday at the garage sale.  I sat in a lawn chair and enjoyed good company and lots of sun.  beautiful beautiful day in the Valley.  I took a little ride on the ATV -- pictures below.  I then braved a shopping experience in Mankato -- gotta spend the garage sale $$$.  Sneakers, underwear, lint rollers (damn cat), plastic window kits, blue jeans ...  coffee, water, soup mix.  It was an uneventful trip.  All though the mall seems to be overrun by misbehaving teenagers. 

   Today, however, is a different story -- unpacked the winter clothes, packed up most of the summer clothes, purged. 
   Baked magic bars -- ooohhhyyy goodness with lots of sugar.
   Brewed ice coffee base -- the coffee.
   Dinner is cooking.
   Time to vacuum and tote the trash to the dumpster.

it just makes me sick -- look at the hoof prints -- damn varmits ... they discovered the taste and there is no stopping them -- they won't eat the "pecked by crows" melons -- which are rotting from within .. the aroma is bad.

the lode of bittersweet is looking good

too bad one would have to be a mountain climber with a 75' extension ladder to reach it...

weeds on the City property ...

hard to believe but this weed patch used to be the St Peter Municipal Airport ... gotta love progress -- it's an undeveloped industrial park/weed patch.  if they'd control the weeds it would be a bit nicer

more horror ---

Friday, October 21, 2011

t g i f .....yelling it from the rooftops

so exciting day ahead.

  Garage Sale !   well I don't have much but the stamping diva's do.  I'm giving away pumpkins and gourds (and making their breakfast tomorrow).

  Friday Night Sew In ... I was going to prep some more last night but got in the garage sale mood and spent most of the night sorting clothes.  I must have tried on a dozen pair of ill fitting pants.  And after vowing to stop buying any more clothes -- dashed off to the computer and ordered socks and other "unmentionables" via the internet.  It's so much easier.

 So Friday it is -- shout it from the rooftops!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

missing the leaves already ...

trek out to the garden

and the trek into the yard

and down the road we go ...
wore my down vest the last two days and have not regretted doing so
sun is in the forecast

hip hip hooray sun, the sun ....

Friday Night Sew In is this Friday ...
I started planning and cutting tonight -- lots of cutting ... will start early on the sewing too -- it is a multi night project !!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yep ...

  long underwear, boots and turtlenecks have now become the normal wardrobe !!  and it's flipping dark all the time .... the hibernation of the northern hemisphere has begun. 

  did the County road tour yesterday -- lots of drainage ditches, bridges and well road projects.

  I actually sat at my sewing machine last night -- quilted a wall hanging -- didn't think about it -- just sewed.  kinda fun.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ready, Set, Snow

50 lb bushel basket gourd and yep -- it's the size of a bushel basket .... need one, let me know ....

Monday, October 17, 2011


yeah -- my semi annual trip to walmart was yesterday.  I like the photo editing and fast printing  options in the electronics department -- but while waiting for the printing of the pix's ... I manage to overspend.  yesterday's shopping included:

4 cans deoderant
4 tubes shampoo
4 tubes face cream
4 toothpaste
new heads for toothbrush
8 tins of coffee (hot fru fru coffee)
6 boxs of cold coffee blend
chips & dip
scrapbooking paper
scrapbooking embellishments
4 rolls of packing tape
4 pads of post it's
1 storage bin
3 paperback books
soft scrub cleaner
2 scrubby bubble refills for shower

  does any of the above seem to be necessary -- $ 155 later ... ugh.

Mom and I then proceeded to keep spending.  Cat food for His Royal Highness (that went up in price too).  Herberger's had sales -- dress pants, turtleneck sweaters, black jeans with rhinestones on the ass, bras.  Finally, we got to JoAnn Fabrics ... where the line for the cutting table was 15 people deep == no fabric for me!  I really don't need any more. 

Lunch was the China Buffet -- way to many people and way to many kids running around touching food they weren't going to eat .. germs can kill ya!  

I finally made it home to my new paperback books and well -- enjoyed every minute!

Happy Monday!!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

seriously - we have fun at Market

t'was a chilly (and dark) start to Market yesterday morning.  we were relocated up the street due to the first annual "Oktoberfest" ... evidently the Market ranks well below the "eat drink & be merry crowd" -- My garden retirement lasted 13 days ....

Grandma Pam ... what can we say ...

Mrs H took my camera and took my picture ... I thought it was cold.   The wind a was a bit brutal -- worst part -- you can't see the long underwear but dang they did the trick.

Mr & Mrs. H ... it was their last week for the season -- next week they'll be making thousands of meatballs for the annual Lutefisk Dinner at the Scandian Grove Church --- yep meatballs for those of us who wouldn't dream of the lutefisk.

Fashionista Macy came to visit us!  Her Dad is thinning out the deer population at my house --- GO ADAM!!!

Pickleman Keith with the award winning dill pickles -- I actually bought some for myself yesterday.  Pretty tasty --

and Crystal moved behind the broom corn ...but she's back there!

So I've re-retired -- I did get rid of more stuff and now I'm down to 5 bushel of birdhouse gourds.  Need any? Give me a call .... the balance of my pumpkins will go to the food shelf to hand out to those who need a pumpkin .... the remaining squash are mine. 

And I just heard the forecast for Tuesday.  SNOW up north -- oh yeah winter is going to return. 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ...

Time for Favorite Things Friday --- so, this week's favorite (it's been a while since I played along) -- the stamping Diva's and I took in a Twins baseball game in late September -- Diva Becky dropped off a CD copy of her pictures and well -- here we are.   We had a blast !! I know we will probably make it an annual event.

I'll work on not having the grumpy look in the future.  I really don't like having my pix snapped! 

So hop on the FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY TRAIN and check out the other bits of goodness. 

Happy Friday -- it took a long time to arrive.


ps.  Diva returns to the Farmers Market tomorrow -- the shortest retirement in history ... I know me bad.  But I scrounged a couple more bushels of squash, several decent pumpkins, and 3 tubs of birdhouse gourds -- they gotta go!

pps.  There will be time spent at the sewing machine over the weekend. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the big Brown Truck arrived today

and look what Smiley, the UPS man, brought me....

I was perusing the Fat Quartershop Website and found this lovely Bali Pop and the colorway was WATERMELON -- so I thought I needed it and well, two are always better than one....and they were on sale -- sorta ...

the orangy side

the pinks and

then I spied a fat quarter bundle of Terrain .... which I fell in love with a while back and ...

I spied this magazine in the bargin bin -- thinking it was from the "Country Threads" quilt shop in Garner Iowa ... well -- it's an Aussie publication ... and it's pretty darn cool! 

So when the weekend hits -- guess where I'll be --- yep, bessie the Bernina is calling my name !!!!

Happy Thursday ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

picture alert (more from Sunday)

cabbage in the melon patch -- popping up thru the weeds

bittersweet -- lots of bittersweet

watermelon rolled into the corn field -- 150' from the patch -- damn deer

blooming eggplant (planted in a tub -- and it's go aphids)

flowering kale -- fun to watch mature

delivery on the road to nowhere ... a fragrant delivery == 21 ton of cow bedding and poop

on the way to dump the poop!  organic matter with a little fertilizer thrown in ....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's a glorious day in the Valley

  and I'm stuck indoors working. 

  although the phone keeps ringing and I can't seem to get anything finished.

  I am not working this evening.  just can't.  won't, ain't, no way no how.

  any bets -- I'll probably be here.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Labor ....

okay -- so it's my birthday and I've been laboring away all day ... went to the office this morning.  projects, deadlines, etc ... and I actually was there most of yesterday and last night too.  Anyhooo... look what I found in the patch ... there are more birdhouse gourds to pick ... lucky me... it's 85' flippin degrees with a hot stiff wind so ... it was a project.  I pulled all of my row markers too.  Bessie needs a bath (and gas). 

"look no green"  I really hate this time of year.

found some wild grapes

the old red truck ... kinda runs.  needs air in tire ...

red berries over by the bittersweet "patch" .. not sure what they are ... will see if they disappear from the wildlife ...

Happy Sunday!