Sunday, October 23, 2011

the day of rest

   was yesterday at the garage sale.  I sat in a lawn chair and enjoyed good company and lots of sun.  beautiful beautiful day in the Valley.  I took a little ride on the ATV -- pictures below.  I then braved a shopping experience in Mankato -- gotta spend the garage sale $$$.  Sneakers, underwear, lint rollers (damn cat), plastic window kits, blue jeans ...  coffee, water, soup mix.  It was an uneventful trip.  All though the mall seems to be overrun by misbehaving teenagers. 

   Today, however, is a different story -- unpacked the winter clothes, packed up most of the summer clothes, purged. 
   Baked magic bars -- ooohhhyyy goodness with lots of sugar.
   Brewed ice coffee base -- the coffee.
   Dinner is cooking.
   Time to vacuum and tote the trash to the dumpster.

it just makes me sick -- look at the hoof prints -- damn varmits ... they discovered the taste and there is no stopping them -- they won't eat the "pecked by crows" melons -- which are rotting from within .. the aroma is bad.

the lode of bittersweet is looking good

too bad one would have to be a mountain climber with a 75' extension ladder to reach it...

weeds on the City property ...

hard to believe but this weed patch used to be the St Peter Municipal Airport ... gotta love progress -- it's an undeveloped industrial park/weed patch.  if they'd control the weeds it would be a bit nicer

more horror ---

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