Sunday, October 16, 2011

seriously - we have fun at Market

t'was a chilly (and dark) start to Market yesterday morning.  we were relocated up the street due to the first annual "Oktoberfest" ... evidently the Market ranks well below the "eat drink & be merry crowd" -- My garden retirement lasted 13 days ....

Grandma Pam ... what can we say ...

Mrs H took my camera and took my picture ... I thought it was cold.   The wind a was a bit brutal -- worst part -- you can't see the long underwear but dang they did the trick.

Mr & Mrs. H ... it was their last week for the season -- next week they'll be making thousands of meatballs for the annual Lutefisk Dinner at the Scandian Grove Church --- yep meatballs for those of us who wouldn't dream of the lutefisk.

Fashionista Macy came to visit us!  Her Dad is thinning out the deer population at my house --- GO ADAM!!!

Pickleman Keith with the award winning dill pickles -- I actually bought some for myself yesterday.  Pretty tasty --

and Crystal moved behind the broom corn ...but she's back there!

So I've re-retired -- I did get rid of more stuff and now I'm down to 5 bushel of birdhouse gourds.  Need any? Give me a call .... the balance of my pumpkins will go to the food shelf to hand out to those who need a pumpkin .... the remaining squash are mine. 

And I just heard the forecast for Tuesday.  SNOW up north -- oh yeah winter is going to return. 


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Shay said...

Thanks for the tour round the market. It was nice to see some of the other marketers? (Is that a word?)

It honestly seems like just a couple of months ago I was admiring your snow pictures from last year ! I cant believe that's imminent again!