Tuesday, October 4, 2011

so, Day Two of retirement

    I've spent two days spinning my wheels.

    I am an idiot.  I signed up for the Chamber's "Girls Night Out" event -- not as a spectator -- but as a stop.  Which entails several hundred wandering women -- roaming the streets looking for goodies/treats/food/alcohol (and not in that order).  So if several hundred women will be wandering thru ...

   this old shack needs a facelift.  Painting Diva Jackie was here Sunday -- my office is looking very chic in my favorite color green.  I managed to fit most of the shit, oops stuff back into this 12 x 12 room.  I've been cleaning / tossing / purging all week long.  I've re-hung pictures, quilts, vac'd corners that I didn't know I had.  And then I started on the forest (weeds) growing in the flower beds.  Only the "front" yard will get completed.  I'm tired.  I'm crabby and fairly soon I will not give a hoot.

   the most important thing -- the treats -- marble cake with buttercream frosting ... I assumed my friends at the college would be too busy so I had to order it from the store -- still might order some college carrot cake later -- it's all FABULOUS ... when I don't have to bake it.

  and thru all this prep work -- I'm trying to work ... I tell ya, peeps, I'm nuts .... retirement should be relaxing!


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Shay said...

Oh my goodness - this is happening tomorrow!

I wish I could pop in for some marble cake (and perhaps a glass or two of white) I'd love to be able to shoot the breeze with y'all.