Sunday, October 2, 2011

sunday on the corner this too shall end ....

today's wares

yep, with my shack's red roof over the hedge -- the neighbor thinks I own the hedge and keeps whining about it ... technically it's his hedge -- but since I like it ---( hides the view of his parking lot ... and keeps the snow on his parking lot ) .. I haven't confessed to him that it is his hedge. 

the blue building to the left ... was my old office --- 17 years I spent in that joint ... and I moved up the street to the shack ... the Food Shelf has moved to the "blue building" it's odd to walk in and see the changes!

looking North on 3rd ... trees have done nicely -- 12 years post tornado and the street has lots of color

tree southwest of the office -- across the street always a beauty in the fall .. might need to wander over and pick up some leaves to press ... always pretty

by the end of the day I was down to 8 melons and 2 bushel of squash and a dozen pumpkins

the end has occurred
I've retired from farming. 

feels odd !!

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gz said...

It looks flat there....I'm too used to hills!

You mean farmers really do retire?!!