Monday, October 17, 2011


yeah -- my semi annual trip to walmart was yesterday.  I like the photo editing and fast printing  options in the electronics department -- but while waiting for the printing of the pix's ... I manage to overspend.  yesterday's shopping included:

4 cans deoderant
4 tubes shampoo
4 tubes face cream
4 toothpaste
new heads for toothbrush
8 tins of coffee (hot fru fru coffee)
6 boxs of cold coffee blend
chips & dip
scrapbooking paper
scrapbooking embellishments
4 rolls of packing tape
4 pads of post it's
1 storage bin
3 paperback books
soft scrub cleaner
2 scrubby bubble refills for shower

  does any of the above seem to be necessary -- $ 155 later ... ugh.

Mom and I then proceeded to keep spending.  Cat food for His Royal Highness (that went up in price too).  Herberger's had sales -- dress pants, turtleneck sweaters, black jeans with rhinestones on the ass, bras.  Finally, we got to JoAnn Fabrics ... where the line for the cutting table was 15 people deep == no fabric for me!  I really don't need any more. 

Lunch was the China Buffet -- way to many people and way to many kids running around touching food they weren't going to eat .. germs can kill ya!  

I finally made it home to my new paperback books and well -- enjoyed every minute!

Happy Monday!!!!


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Chris said...

I visit your blog from time to time, fills my nostalgic need for news from Minnesota, miss it! Love your pictures, and the list from walmart. At my office, we call it foo-foo coffee, lol.