Wednesday, November 30, 2011

curves ...

   life sometimes throws curves ... good ones, bad ones and sad ones.  so Tuesday wasn't as crazy as Monday but it was full of curves.

   I invested in a new modern phone.  I have no idea how to operate it but I have texting, internet and gps on the phone.  There is no such thing as a plain phone.   Don't send me a text -- I don't know how to reply yet.

remember this block from last week .... over the weekend it became

this and tonight I quilted it and attached the binding ... it's a baby gift for a special baby to be ....

since I spent my life savings on a phone -- I'm still using the camera that casts the cloudy shadows... camera is next ..... the phone has a camera -- I just don't know how to get the pictures to me....ugh.
back to the quilt -- roughly 36" square -- I had to trim the blocks to square them up ... the little pieces get out of square quickly ... charm pack -- garden party ... garden blooms I've already forgotten ... it's the mind ... too much whirring ... sewing helps!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ah Tuesday ...

   Tuesday is the calm day after the Monday $(*%)(*^#_)%(.  Enough said.  I did manage to hang the Christmas roping and wreath -- now if I could find the ribbon and bows the exterior decorating would be complete.  Still brown out there (that is a good thing).

   My target chairs arrived and they are flipping fabulous.  Too nice for my office -- so they are headed to the front room.  The "some assembly required" isn't too bad.  Might need to find a couple more similar seats!

   My 2011 software has arrived for $7,000 one would think it would take more than a disc.  And yes, I had to pay extra for a disc vs. the downloadable version.

   ahh  the aroma's have returned to the farm.  More poo being delivered -- two trucks at a time this week.  Just bizarre .....


Sunday, November 27, 2011

my kind of snack mix ...

Betty's Snack Mix

1 bag pre made chex mix
1 bag gardello's ( I think that's how it's spelled)
1 can mixed nuts
1 bag craisons

and I added
1 bag pretzel m & m's

toss and serve

no cooking, no cleaning and tasty !!

   I'm into heavy cooking, baking and mess making this week.  Betty had brought this to cards one night and shared with the rest of us.  Easy, effective and tasty.  My kind  of cooking.  I will get around to the real homemade chex mix eventually. 

   Stitch & Bitch this afternoon.  Lining up my projects -- it'll be completion day for this stitcher.  Bindings, hemming (more pants), another scarf -- handwork on the apron (basting) -- redrafting the apron pattern.

   And oh -- a couple of hours at the office to tidy up a few things.  Nick decided it was okay to shredddd the plastic window kits.  The claw movement will need to come to an end -- one way or another.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

pattern drafting 101

I had a request for aprons last week at the Looney Lutheran Adventure -- here is my version of a totally reversable apron.  This is the first version ... the next version will have a smaller bib -- neck ties to attach with big yellow buttons.  There is a large pocket under the rickrack -- it was to be yellow but I ran out of yellow fabric. 

mini quilt #2 -- lots a little pieces ... this would actually be a nice block for a larger quilt ...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

someone downloaded to my computer ....

deer camera ..... amazing the info per picture .... no deer, I was told a falling leaf, dancing branch or squirrel can set them off  -- this was before the heat wave

no snow yet -- I've got them out of order ... the oak leaves created quite the carpet ... really pretty now that all of the foliage is gone .. The white blob in the middle is the creek -- about 300 feet down...

self portrait from this morning. 

self portrait with helmet & goggles on ...

cool afternoon ... pretty in the snow ..

so this afternoon, mom and I took an ATV cruise -- delivered the billion bags of trash to the dumpster (oh joy that was fun) .. and then checked out the manure project -- truck driver delivered more loads last night ... must not have anything important to do .... then we drove over to deer camera #1 and had our portrait taken ...

Happy Thanksgiving ....

   I just put the buns in the oven -- the turkey is in the electric roaster -- the rest of the prep work has begun ... and oh -- my coffee awaits me.

   Since ie promises to be a fabulous day --- my ATV awaits me .... time for a bit of cruising!  

Usually by now -- Bessie is at the office and ready for snowplowing -- I can ride it in next week -- but today we'll be cruising the neighborhood.  First trek -- garbage to the dumpster !!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

(gobble gobble gobble)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

oldies but goodies !

     I think (know) I've posted these before -- they are classics

the scary part of the picture -- the truck is still residing on the farm -- although it's headed to the iron recycling joint .... worth $$$ dead
If you've never seen my mom with brown hair -- here it is .. and I believe this was real not dyed.  Don't ya love the bell bottom jeans ..fashionable in 1972 -- our Glendive Montana experience.

Jean and Grandma (fuzzy pix from my phone)

Me & Jack ( still fashionable -- love the gloves)  I brought desert to the family reunion

Fishing on Lake Mille Lacs -- late 70's ... the fish do not seem happy either -- we used to camp on a dead end road that didn't have running water or electricity ... it was primative even with a camper

Jean and I on "Fred" ... Fred came to live with us in 1962 and died in 1982 so .... mean little dude -- and as he aged he got rounder (I'm going to resist a comment).

Cousin Nancy Lund, Mom, I, Jean and Grandma Yakimshuk ... at the annual sale of the patch ... it was a big deal at the time ... look at the piles of squash ....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evidently ....

   the rest of the world needs to know...

   Hotdish is a food group.
   Cream of Mushroom soup is the binder.
   Jello is good for you.

   I attended the presentation of the "Looney Lutherans" Sunday night.  And of course it started with pie and coffee ... Me, the Scrapping Diva's and 994 other peeps were crammed into Hosanna Lutheran Church ... it was a hoot.

  Here is the LINK to read more about the ladies.  Young and old were rolling in the aisles.

the shit manure hauling project continues ... the boys left their toys parked in what remained of the melon patch after they spread the manure and worked it in ... the pictures of the steaming piles of poo did not turn out and frankly posting pictures of steaming piles of poo is a bit wacky -- more than a bit wacky.

Lots of equipment for lots of poo.  Organic matter is a good thing ... I keep chanting "organic matter is a good thing" -- not sure what the "Looney Lutherans" would think about that!

Happy Week!!

oh no SNOW ...

  ya, for real.  hopefully it will melt shortly.  slippery driving last night -- went to town for supper and to feed Nick. 

  the stamping diva's and I are headed to Mkto for early supper and a play -- the Loony Lutheran's ... I'm sure it will be an event to remember. 

  I did manage to accomplish a bit of something yesterday -- laundry, cut out and began to stitch on a wallhanging (tiny pieces), a library book, another scarf and a nap!!  cheesy Christmas letter was drafted.  after much internet shopping I finally found some cool chairs for my office.  Target.  who'd a thought -- Target.  free shipping.  it doesn't get any better than "free shipping" !!!

happy sunday

Saturday, November 19, 2011

projects ...

   Well, I knocked two things of my never-ending project list ....  The PANTS finally got hemmed last night.  Two pair done -- pressed & ready to wear!   One more pair to go -- but they are lined and I'm not sure I want to tackle them -- might have them sent out.  Then I sat down and worked on THE not so famous Watermelon Diva 2012 Calendar !!  Done -- published & ordered!   The 35% off coupon from Lulu was the "get 'er done" factor on the Calendar.

I ran out of black bias tape so one leg is blue .... only me.

I even took time to work on the binding for this table runner .... it was a practice piece on free motion quilting with the new sewing machine (yes it's been waiting for binding for 5 months).

Next up -- Christmas Cards and the Christmas Letter!

No SNOW yet this morning -- we're hoping for rain only.


Friday, November 18, 2011

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

and on the 7th day ....

  this Diva did very little.

  The great accomplishment of the day was gas in the vehicle and a quick pass thru the car wash and while touring the neighborhood afterword --  it started to rain.  Should have washed it sooner.  

  I got around to opening my mail.  So, I've been tapped for a year of Grand Jury Duty.  I guess it's good to be me.  First time for me, ever.  Maybe the last?  It could be worse.  It could be Federal or State Grand Jury Duty. 

  I did manage to get a wall hanging bound.  It wasn't much of a project it's 18 inches square.  The bed is made, the wash got done and put away --- and I finished my library book.  and oh ... I've managed to use up an entire box of tissue -- blowing the dripping nose.  The sneezing and wheezing are just extra sound effects. 

  I am a lucky Diva.


red ...  he used to wander ... haven't seen him all summer ....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

road trip !!!!

mom and I took a drive -- there is an art project happening in the "Lake Washington County Park" .. this guy received an arts & humanities grant for this project.  the "ribbons" are about an inch wide and are like webbing on a bag/purse and in every color ... it was kinda windy so they were dancing and whistling in the wind ... part of the performance -- and it was cloudy so the pictures are kinda dark ... I forgot to ask him how long it would be up -- he seemed pretty intense on the repair work .... not sure how many peeps ventured out there either ... kinda odd. 

friday stroll ...

found some green in the little garden.

the girls were busy chatting with me

sad sad sad garden -- not sure why I keep torturing myself by taking pix's ... I think Dad shot his deer in the patch....

Dad is getting ready for winter -- snow blower for the tractor and snowplow for his pickup

the elders retrieved their home-on-wheels from the lake, then 2 days later went shopping for a different home-on-wheels and well, this is the latest version of the home-on-wheels.  it actually has a lot more room than the last one and it's basically the same size -- interior layout is a bit more efficient.  here's the deal -- it doesn't fit in any of our buildings -- too tall.  so it's going across the river for winter storage.

I'm the fabulous multi - tasker at the moment -- laundry is washing, potatoes in the crockpot -- sloppy joes browning on the stove and I'm typing this .... get the projects done.  got plans for the balance of the day!

happy saturday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ...

this is bessie, my favorite ATV.  she rarely gets any care (mechanical or otherwise) but she keeps on humming along.  a semi - annual bath -- blow the dirt off once in a while ... add gas and go.  well, yesterday, elder #1 changed oil, air filter and bathed her --

I've been whining/harping/bitching for quite some time that she needed a little care (and he occasionally uses her too) .. so it was a 20 minute lecture about a "plugged air filter and oil like sludge".... and "what a pain in the ass" it was to work on her .... now he thinks something else is wrong too -- evidently she's not starting zippy enough -- which if I recall --- I whined/harped/bitched about in August ...

the good news -- she's still one of my favorite toys (she and the Bernina!) ... as soon as significant snow hits the forecast she'll be delivered to 3rd Street -- snowplow will be installed and we'll be ready to keep the sidewalks clean and tidy --

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i love ebay !!

i found some sherbert pips ... baby girls are in my future ...

some Whimsey by Joanna Figueroa ... for another window quilt at the office

and lastly, some cosmo cricket "circa 1934" ... i met the cosmo cricket designers at scrap fest -- they were hosting our "crop 'til you drop" session at Archiver's -- when they mentioned "Moda" my ears perked up!

3 bundles of goodness -- delivered by the US Postal System -- ordered it on Sunday -- delivered on Wednesday -- life is good!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

aaaahhhh moment

   A seed catalog arrived in today's mail.  Gurney's.  I'm missing the garden already.  I thought retiree's were supposed to enjoy retirement !!

    the pepper pages has lots of cool stuff.
    ditto the watermelon page.

  I'm tossing the catalog out as I type. 

  SNOW !!!  It will be south and east of me -- so Mr & Mrs Squash Blossom -- see my reading list are getting ready (or per facebook Mrs. Squash Blossom is working hard).  They're going to get dumped on.  I'm just hoping for rain.  We need it bad.

   I'm at work and the picture selection is a bit slim.  So ...

okay this was labeled "August 2004" ... I think this was our 2nd year at the market -- Nick was still in elementary school and in the band -- practicing -- look how short he is !

We didn't get fancy until year two -- added tables and a canopy ...Jean was hard at work.   Mr. Maple Syrup was next to us and Art Shuck is the guy in the bib overalls -- Art has since passed away.

Mr. GW Lunderberg -- the salad man.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


this dude

he's become rather coveted ... ... the camera is near Dad's deer stand which is near the melon patch (go figure -- they know where the treats were)

another shot from August ...

per the "great white hunter" -- his days are limited -- the deer not the hunter ...
and no I'm not eating it either.

I'm really not liking the daylight savings switch either.  Awfully dark at 5:15pm.  Yuck.  It's time to begin the annual cave dwelling and I'm not looking forward to it.  I need SUN and lots of it.