Tuesday, November 8, 2011

aaaahhhh moment

   A seed catalog arrived in today's mail.  Gurney's.  I'm missing the garden already.  I thought retiree's were supposed to enjoy retirement !!

    the pepper pages has lots of cool stuff.
    ditto the watermelon page.

  I'm tossing the catalog out as I type. 

  SNOW !!!  It will be south and east of me -- so Mr & Mrs Squash Blossom -- see my reading list are getting ready (or per facebook Mrs. Squash Blossom is working hard).  They're going to get dumped on.  I'm just hoping for rain.  We need it bad.

   I'm at work and the picture selection is a bit slim.  So ...

okay this was labeled "August 2004" ... I think this was our 2nd year at the market -- Nick was still in elementary school and in the band -- practicing -- look how short he is !

We didn't get fancy until year two -- added tables and a canopy ...Jean was hard at work.   Mr. Maple Syrup was next to us and Art Shuck is the guy in the bib overalls -- Art has since passed away.

Mr. GW Lunderberg -- the salad man.

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