Sunday, November 13, 2011

and on the 7th day ....

  this Diva did very little.

  The great accomplishment of the day was gas in the vehicle and a quick pass thru the car wash and while touring the neighborhood afterword --  it started to rain.  Should have washed it sooner.  

  I got around to opening my mail.  So, I've been tapped for a year of Grand Jury Duty.  I guess it's good to be me.  First time for me, ever.  Maybe the last?  It could be worse.  It could be Federal or State Grand Jury Duty. 

  I did manage to get a wall hanging bound.  It wasn't much of a project it's 18 inches square.  The bed is made, the wash got done and put away --- and I finished my library book.  and oh ... I've managed to use up an entire box of tissue -- blowing the dripping nose.  The sneezing and wheezing are just extra sound effects. 

  I am a lucky Diva.


red ...  he used to wander ... haven't seen him all summer ....

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Shay said...

Red looks just like my maybe I have your cat here !