Saturday, November 12, 2011

friday stroll ...

found some green in the little garden.

the girls were busy chatting with me

sad sad sad garden -- not sure why I keep torturing myself by taking pix's ... I think Dad shot his deer in the patch....

Dad is getting ready for winter -- snow blower for the tractor and snowplow for his pickup

the elders retrieved their home-on-wheels from the lake, then 2 days later went shopping for a different home-on-wheels and well, this is the latest version of the home-on-wheels.  it actually has a lot more room than the last one and it's basically the same size -- interior layout is a bit more efficient.  here's the deal -- it doesn't fit in any of our buildings -- too tall.  so it's going across the river for winter storage.

I'm the fabulous multi - tasker at the moment -- laundry is washing, potatoes in the crockpot -- sloppy joes browning on the stove and I'm typing this .... get the projects done.  got plans for the balance of the day!

happy saturday!

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